Send iMessage to an iPad or iPod Touch Email Address

Sending an iMessage to someone who has it set up on their iPad or iPod Touch is easy. If you have a particular setting turned on.

My father only has an iPad and I wanted to get him to start using iMessage. I went in to start a new conversation and I realized I only had letters and numbers. No period! No @! But I found a solution.

Step 1:

Go to Settings.

Step 2:

Go to Messages.

Step 3:

Scroll down to the section SMS/MMS.

Step 4: Turn on MMS Messaging.

And there you go! When you go back into Messages to compose a new message you will now have the symbols needed to enter in a valid email address.

This tip is also handy if the person tells you they want you to use their email address to start the iMessage conversation even if they are on an iPhone. This is so their iPad and iPhone gets the iMessage conversations concurrently.

Now one thing to pay attention to is that after you enter in an email address, the iPhone will check the Apple servers to see if the email address is registered as an iMessage email account after you press on the text entry field. If it has been set up, the text will change to iMessage and the send button will turn blue. If it doesn't, then they don't have iMessage set up.